Stranger in Pajamas and Flip-Flops Arrives at Their House in the Middle of the Night to Save Their 3-Month-Old Baby

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.21 - 2023 10:15 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
A three-month-old baby who had just suffered a cardiac arrest survived thanks to the intervention of a stranger trained in first aid. This man arrived at the family's home in slippers and pajamas on the night of September 10, 2023.

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Guillaume, 37 years old, contributed to saving a three-month-old baby who suffered a cardiac arrest on September 10, 2023, in Combourg, Ile-et-Vilaine.

Alerted by his smartphone and the Staying Alive app, the thirty-something rushed into the night, still in pajamas and flip-flops, according to Ouest-France.

"She wasn't breathing anymore"

A couple and their two children were preparing to go to bed. The little boy is 2 years old, and the youngest, Aëlia, is just 3 months old. The baby girl was born with a tumor in her heart.

While on her mother's lap, the baby let out a cry before collapsing: "She wasn't breathing anymore," the mother told a Journalist at Ouest-France. She then called 15 (911) and began a cardiac massage on the living room couch, as advised by the SAMU operator.

"I rushed"

A few minutes later, Guillaume arrived at her home.

An emergency nursing assistant at the CHU of Rennes, he is also a volunteer firefighter at the Combourg rescue center. He is registered on the Staying Alive app, which combines a defibrillator map and "good Samaritans," volunteers trained in first aid who can intervene when needed.

"I was watching TV when my phone rang. It was the Staying Alive app, to which I am registered, indicating that less than two kilometers from my home, someone was having a cardiac arrest. I didn't think. I rushed," shares the thirty-something.

In his car, while calling 15 to confirm that he had received the alert and was on his way, the SAMU operator specifies: "You are going for a 3-month-old child in cardio-respiratory arrest."

Transported in absolute emergency "The good Samaritan" immediately performed cardiac massage, using only two fingers for a 3-month-old child.

Aëlia was transported an hour later, in absolute emergency, to the South Hospital of Rennes.

"Samu doctors told me that I saved her life. Without the massage, her heart probably wouldn't have restarted," confides the very moved thirty-something.

Today, the little miracle girl is still hospitalized in a pediatric rehabilitation service at the Saint-Laurent clinic in Rennes.

She underwent surgery for her tumor and is doing better.

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