Supermarket Worker Finds 24-Year-Old Expired Chocolate Bar on Shelves

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.14 - 2024 10:03 AM CET

Photo: Facebook / Old Shops Australia
Photo: Facebook / Old Shops Australia
Supermarket Worker Finds 24-Year-Old Expired Chocolate Bar on Shelves.

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Supermarkets employ rigorous inventory management systems to ensure that food items are not expired, thereby guaranteeing the safety and quality of products offered to consumers.

However, sometimes a minor oversight can allow a product to slip through the cracks, as happened in Australia, where an employee discovered a chocolate bar that had expired over 24 years ago.

The Discovery

This unusual find occurred in an Australian supermarket during a renovation process, which involved moving and reorganizing all the shelves and the products displayed on them.

While an employee was moving products for the renovation, they stumbled upon a 250-gram chocolate bar with a wrapper that caught their eye: the label looked old and was from the Sydney Olympics in 2000.

Photo: Facebook / Old Shops Australia

Olympic Mascots

Interestingly, the chocolate bar, still intact inside its packaging, featured the Olympic mascots of the event: Syd the Platypus, Millie the Echidna, and Olly the Kookaburra.

After the discovery, the employee's wife shared an image of the product on the Facebook group Old Shops Australia, where it quickly went viral and caught the attention of social media users, sparking a mix of nostalgia and curiosity.

Photo: Facebook / Old Shops Australia

The Viral Find

The debate has been sparked among viewers. While some expressed their astonishment at the discovery and wondered if it would be safe to taste the chocolate after so many years, others suggested that the item should be preserved as a museum piece or sold as a collectible, noting that even the wrapper alone could fetch a significant value on online sales platforms.

The debate over whether or not to consume the 24-year-old chocolate has divided opinions, with comments ranging from willingness to taste it to suggestions that it should be displayed or kept for its historical and sentimental value.

This find not only raises questions about the durability and preservation of food products but has also served to revive memories of the Sydney Olympics and reflect on the changes in the commercial and cultural landscape over the last few decades.

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