Survey Reveals Which European Citizens Are Most Willing to Defend Their Countries

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.24 - 2024 12:57 PM CET

Mircea Moira /
Mircea Moira /
A new survey reveals which European populations are more willing to fight for their country.

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A recent survey revealed significant differences among European citizens in their willingness to defend their countries in the event of potential danger.

According to data from a joint survey by the sociological group "Rating" and the research institute Gallup International, nations in Central and Eastern Europe tend to be more willing to fight for their country, while those in Southern Europe are less inclined to do so.

Countries Most Ready to Fight

Armenia and Saudi Arabia topped the list, with 96% and 94% of respondents, respectively, indicating they would fight for their country if needed. Among European countries, those with high levels of willingness include Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kosovo, Ukraine, Albania, and Moldova.

In Ukraine, 62% of respondents expressed readiness to defend their country, almost double the number of those who were not ready (33%).

Central and Eastern European countries generally showed greater willingness to defend their countries. Moldova had just over half of its respondents ready to fight, while Romania and Poland were just below 50%.

Countries Least Ready to Fight

In contrast, Southern European countries were among the least willing to defend their nation. Italy, Germany, Austria, Spain, and Bulgaria all had levels of willingness below 50%, suggesting a more pacifist approach in these nations. This variation could be influenced by cultural, historical, and socio-political factors.

In France, a survey indicated that every second French youth would be willing to join the army and fight in Ukraine if it were necessary to protect France.

Similarly, in Poland, there is growing support for Polish volunteers to fight on behalf of Ukraine, as well as for the potential involvement of the Polish army to aid Ukraine.

Japan, a non-European country, exhibited the lowest willingness to fight for its country, with only 9% willing to do so.

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