Tamas Sulyok elected Hungary's new president

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.26 - 2024 8:02 PM CET

Tamas Sulyok elected Hungary's new president.

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In a significant political development in Hungary, Tamas Sulyok, the head of the Constitutional Court, has been elected as the nation's new president. +

This election comes in the wake of Katalin Novak's resignation, which was prompted by a scandal involving the pardoning of a child abuser.

The decision to elect Sulyok was made on the inaugural day of the parliament's spring session, marking a pivotal moment in Hungary's political landscape.

Sulyok, aged 67, received his nomination from the country's ruling coalition, which commands a substantial majority with 135 seats out of the 199 available in Hungary's parliament.

Demonstrating a united front, all pro-government legislators cast their votes in favor of Sulyok, securing his election in the very first round of voting.

This unanimous support from the ruling coalition underscores the political consensus behind Sulyok's presidency and sets the stage for his tenure as Hungary's head of state.