Teen Driver's Wild Tesla Chase Ends in Crash on Light Rail Tracks

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.23 - 2023 11:34 AM CET

19-Year-Old in Tesla Madness.

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A 19-year-old man is charged with a reckless escape from the police in Aarhus, Denmark. The Tesla he was driving ended in a frontal collision with a pole near the light rail tracks.

The Tesla, significantly faster than the police allowed, momentarily seemed to think it was a light rail train. Late Friday night, the police initiated an electric car chase after observing a Tesla Model Y running a red light at the intersection of Trøjborgvej and Kirkegårdsvej in central Aarhus.

The chase escalated from there, as detailed in the daily report from East Jutland Police.

"There was quite a bit of drama over the wild Tesla chase," the police stated. "The patrol turned on the emergency signals and approached the Tesla to stop it. The driver of the Tesla had other ideas. He accelerated sharply and turned right onto Niels Juels Gade."

Photo: Presse-fotos.dk

"At the end of the street, which ends in a dead end, the Tesla continued through/over a metal pole and hit a parked car before continuing its drive on Dronning Margrethes vej."

Even after several wild collisions, the chase continued and ended abruptly. "At the intersection of Trøjborgvej/Nørrebrogade, the Tesla continued onto the light rail track, where it hit an iron pole. The driver then fled the scene on foot," the police added.

The escape attempt on foot was unsuccessful for the 19-year-old, who is now, perhaps unsurprisingly, charged with reckless driving. This also means that the white Tesla he was driving has been seized.

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