Train Derailment in Northern Russia Injures 20 Passengers

Written by Kathrine Frich

Jun.27 - 2024 9:04 AM CET

Photo: Shutterstock
Photo: Shutterstock
A train carrying over 200 passengers derailed in northern Russia

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A train carrying over 200 passengers derailed in northern Russia on Wednesday, leaving 20 people injured, three of whom are in critical condition, according to local authorities.

Acoording to Ziare the incident occurred near the city of Inta in the Republic of Komi, a sparsely populated region with harsh weather conditions.

The train was en route from Vorkuta, beyond the Arctic Circle, to Novorossiisk port on the Black Sea in the southern part of the country.

Cause of Derailment

Vladimir Uiba, the head of the Republic of Komi, reported on Telegram that only the rear cars of the train had derailed.

Initial information from the national railway company, RZD, indicated that heavy rainfall in recent days had damaged the railway tracks, leading to the accident.

Transport accidents are not uncommon in Russia, particularly in remote and isolated regions of this vast country, which boasts one of the largest railway networks globally.

Security Concerns

Since the onset of Russia's offensive in Ukraine, there have been several instances of railway sabotage in Russia, often attributed by authorities to Ukrainian agents or Kiev supporters.

The railway system serves as a critical logistics element for the Russian military.

Perpetrators involved in damaging transportation-related infrastructure, including electrical grids, have faced severe penalties in Russia.