Two Stealth Fighters Forced to Land at Civilian Airport

Written by Camilla Jessen

Jun.03 - 2024 2:23 PM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
On Monday, two F-35A stealth fighters made an emergency landing.

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On Monday, two Japanese F-35A stealth fighters made an emergency landing at a civilian airport in northern Japan.

According to AP, no one was injured during the emergency landing.

The fighters, which were on a training flight from Misawa Air Base, landed safely at Aomori Airport after one developed an unspecified mechanical problem and requested an emergency landing.

Japan's Air Self-Defense Force did not provide specific details, including the reason for the emergency landing.

The airport reported that its runway was closed for about 20 minutes due to the emergency landing before operations returned to normal.

In a related incident in April, two Japanese Navy SH-60K Seahawk helicopters crashed in the Pacific Ocean following a collision during nighttime anti-submarine warfare exercises. The event resulted in one crew member's death and seven missing.

Last month, a C-2 transport plane with eight people on board made an emergency landing at a civilian airport in central Japan after a cockpit window opened during a training flight.

Last week, an F-35 fighter jet crashed near Albuquerque International Airport in New Mexico last Tuesday, resulting in the pilot being seriously injured.

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