Video: Mid-Air Collision at Portuguese Air Show Claims Pilot's Life

Written by Henrik Rothen

Jun.02 - 2024 8:45 PM CET

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A tragic mid-air collision at a Portuguese air show claims the life of an aerobatic pilot.

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An air show at Beja airport in southern Portugal turned tragic on Sunday afternoon when two small planes collided mid-air.

The incident resulted in the death of one pilot, leaving the aviation community and spectators in shock.

Air Show Tragedy

During the event, two Yakovlev Yak-52 planes, known for their use in training and aerobatic maneuvers, collided in the skies over Beja.

The crash occurred at 4:05 p.m. (local time), as confirmed by the Portuguese Air Force.

A statement released by the authorities expressed deep regret over the accident but initially did not provide details about casualties.

Witnesses reported seeing six aircraft from the aerobatic patrol "Yak Stars" performing when the collision happened. "Yak Stars" is celebrated as the largest civilian aerobatic team in southern Europe, and their performance was a highlight of the air show.

Local media quickly confirmed that the pilot of one of the Yak-52 planes had died, marking a somber end to what was supposed to be a day of thrilling aerial displays.

The tragic event at Beja raises questions about safety measures in aerobatic displays. While aerobatic teams like "Yak Stars" are known for their precision and skill, the inherent risks of flying in close formation are ever-present.

The aviation community and fans of the "Yak Stars" team are mourning the loss of a skilled pilot. Tributes and messages of support have poured in from around the world, highlighting the close-knit nature of the aerobatic flying community.

In the wake of this accident, there will likely be calls for a review of safety protocols to prevent such tragedies in the future, ensuring that air shows remain a celebration of aviation skill and passion.

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