Warning: These Dog Breeds Are Most Prone to Theft

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.01 - 2024 5:50 PM CET

Photo: Shutterstock.com
Photo: Shutterstock.com
As dog prices have surged, so has the incidence of dog thefts.

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In recent years, the prices of dogs have risen, unfortunately leading to an increase in dog thefts. Dogs are often considered man's best friend and are popular not just as pets, but as beloved family members.

As a result, these loyal and unconditionally loving four-legged furry friends have become targets on the black market. The escalating prices have not only increased the value of dogs but have also led to more instances of dog theft and fraud.

According to a list from dk.like.it, here are some of the breeds that are especially vulnerable to theft:

Breeds at Risk

  1. French Bulldog - Known for their distinctive bat-like ears and sturdy build, French Bulldogs are highly prized, making them prime targets for theft.

  2. Labradoodle - This cross between a Poodle and Labrador Retriever is cherished for its gentle temperament and hypoallergenic coat, attributes that make them especially appealing to thieves.

  3. Siberian Husky - With their striking appearance and vivid blue eyes, Siberian Huskies are sought after, particularly as puppies.

  4. Chihuahua - These tiny dogs are easily stolen due to their size, which makes them appealing to criminals looking for a quick profit.

  5. Labrador Retriever - Universally regarded as great family dogs, their friendly nature and popularity make them frequent targets.

  6. Maltese - Small and manageable, this breed is ideal for both family homes and apartments, which also makes them attractive to thieves.

  7. German Shepherd - While these dogs are known for their work in security and law enforcement, their puppies can fetch high prices on the black market.

  8. Pit Bull Terrier and American Pit Bull Terrier - These breeds are not only sought after for their rarity due to legal restrictions in some places like Denmark but are unfortunately also targeted for illegal dog fighting rings.

  9. Yorkshire Terriers - Their small size and the ease with which they can be transported make Yorkshire Terriers a popular choice for dog thieves.

  10. Pomeranian - Their fluffiness and small stature make them not only adorable but also highly susceptible to theft, with values ranging significantly.

Preventive Measures

Dog owners can take extra precautions to protect their pets from theft, which include:

  • Keeping your dogs on a leash and within sight during walks.

  • Securing your backyard or any outdoor spaces where your dog might spend time.

  • Considering microchipping and registering your pet to aid in recovery if stolen.

  • Being cautious about sharing too much information about your pets on social media, as this can attract thieves.

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