Adorable cat can't resist joining owner in the shower: The internet is in love

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.07 - 2023 3:31 PM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
In the bustling city of Los Angeles, USA, Courtney O'Brien, a 35-year-old HR manager, has an unusual shower companion.

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It's not a rubber duck or a favorite song on the radio, but her mischievous nine-year-old cat, Ivan. This fiery-furred feline has a peculiar habit that's both endearing and exasperating: he loves to join Courtney under the shower's cascading water.

On August 22, Courtney shared a brief clip on her Instagram, capturing Ivan's antics. While most cats would flee at the mere sound of running water, Ivan, defying all feline norms, sneaks in during Courtney's shower time. The video, which has since garnered the attention of over 1.3 million viewers, showcases Ivan's unwavering determination to be by his owner's side, come rain or... well, shower.

Courtney humorously captioned the video, "POV: You're a cute angel-baby who can constantly misbehave and always get what you want because, darn, look at that sweet face." Speaking to Newsweek, she elaborated on her daily struggles, saying, "Every time I open the shower, it's a little battle to get my turn. The same goes when I take a bath."

But why does Ivan behave this way? Courtney believes it's a mix of his vibrant personality and his red fur, which she jokingly blames for his dramatic flair. "Ivan was born a diva with a HUGE personality," she says. "He's well-known among my family, friends, and anyone I've ever had a Zoom call with from home." Describing him further, she adds, "He's very vocal, stubborn, and clingy. Living with him is like living with a tiny micromanager."

Despite his antics, Courtney's affection for Ivan is evident. She refers to him half-jokingly as her "greatest spiritual teacher" due to the patience and attention he demands. While Ivan might be the star of the show, Courtney also has another cat, Evi, whom she adopted alongside Ivan from a Texas animal shelter. Evi, in stark contrast to her brother, is much more laid-back. Yet, at the end of the day, it's clear who rules the roost in the O'Brien household: the ever-entertaining Ivan.