Passengers surprised seeing a dog board the plane: Their reaction says it all

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.14 - 2023 2:23 PM CET

Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
Passengers surprised seeing a dog board the plane.

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Dogs and airplanes seem like incompatible terms, at least in the eyes of how they usually travel on most airlines. Placed in carriers, alongside the rest of the luggage in the cargo hold, enduring extreme temperatures.

Dogs treated as objects rather than sentient beings.

Therefore, it's no surprise that videos like this go viral in a matter of minutes. Maki, the dog starring in the footage, walks with her leash held by her human down the aisle of an airplane. Not a single passenger remains indifferent to the scene.

Eyes fixed on the dog

Everyone is astonished, but with joy at the prospect of encountering a dog on the plane, judging by the images.

In addition to observing Maki, many passengers at least smile at her, others can't resist petting her, and some even take photos.

The video was recorded and shared by the singer and songwriter @matu_prod in collaboration with @flytogether, a platform that fights internationally for all dogs, regardless of size, to be able to travel in the cabin with their humans.

"When airlines say they don't accept dogs because they might affect passengers," says the text in the video, which overturns any argument with the passengers' reaction.

Will the day come when all airlines allow dogs to travel in the cabin?

Watch the video below

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