Adjust Your Side Mirrors Correctly with the Green/Red Trick

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.09 - 2024 11:04 AM CET

An expert has revealed a simple mirror adjustment trick that can let drivers know if they have enough space to change lanes or make a U-turn.

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Che shared a video on the social media platform TikTok, guiding viewers on how to adjust their left side mirror so that the driver's door handle appears in the bottom right corner of the reflection. This adjustment should be mirrored on the right side, with the front passenger's door handle appearing in the mirror's bottom left corner.

These adjustments create a correct perspective, showcasing the road behind while slightly including the side of the car. This ensures drivers can see everything necessary in their mirrors.

Che then explains how drivers who have made this mirror position change can mentally divide their rearview mirror into two halves separated by a vertical line.

Photo: Tiktok

He designates the left half of a correctly adjusted side mirror as your danger zone and the right side as the safe area for maneuvers.

He added that vehicles appearing within your side mirror's danger zone are too close for safely executing maneuvers like U-turns or lane changes. However, this isn't the only trick Che has recently shared on social media.

Foto: TikTok

He also posted another TikTok video instructing viewers on how to use their side mirror heaters to remove water from the glass component.

Che mentioned that most people resort to wiping their side mirrors with their hands because they are unaware of where the heating control for this part is located.

He informs viewers that a car's windshield heating button also activates the side mirror heaters. If you've previously struggled with correctly adjusting your side mirrors, this should no longer be an issue.

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