'Danish' electric car falls apart, say early owners

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Feb.12 - 2024 7:57 AM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons

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When American Fisker, with Danish Henrik Fisker at the helm, finally managed to get the Ocean model off the assembly line and onto the roads, it caused quite a stir in the world of cars, to say the least.

After numerous delays, the car is actually on the roads now. But perhaps the whole thing happened more than once too soon.

In a surprising turn of events, the launch of 'Denmark's' electric vehicle, Fisker Ocean, has been met with criticism rather than applause.

Early adopters of the vehicle have raised concerns over its build quality, with some stating that the car is "falling apart."

The car, which was touted for its innovative design and eco-friendly credentials, has been under scrutiny for issues ranging from minor cosmetic flaws to more serious mechanical failures. Owners have reported problems such as loose fittings, electrical glitches, and in some cases, parts detaching while driving.

As reported by Boosted.dk, the company behind the electric vehicle has responded to these complaints, stating that they are taking the feedback seriously and are in the process of addressing the issues raised by customers.

"Since Fisker launched the car, Ocean owners have complained more than 100 times about cars without traction," internal documents show.

"To TechCrunch, the company (Fisker, ed.) states that these problems are rare. And that it has solved 'almost all issues' with software updates," the media writes.

However, software-related problems are not the only thing Fisker owners are complaining about. Internal documents also show that Fisker has received complaints about hoods flying open while driving, and remote controls that lock owners out of their cars or prevent them from getting out.

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