Discovering the Rearview Mirror's Dimming Feature: A Surprising 'Lifehack' Goes Viral

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.02 - 2024 9:14 PM CET

Discovering the Rearview Mirror's Dimming Feature.

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In an age where technology surprises us daily, a simple yet effective vehicle feature has recently captured the attention of many online.

A TikTok video revealing a basic function of the rearview mirror - its ability to dim glare from headlights behind the driver - has sparked widespread amazement.

This revelation aligns with previous 'lifehacks' that seemed obvious to some, such as improving visibility through car windows by cleaning them.

However, the dimming feature of the rearview mirror, operated by a small tab underneath, has proven to be an eye-opener for a significant number of people.

A Forgotten Basic or an Oversight in Driver Education?

The blame for this widespread unawareness doesn't lie solely with the drivers but raises questions about the comprehensiveness of driving school curriculums.

The TikTok video showcasing someone discovering the dimming function for the first time has resonated with viewers, garnering nearly 1,000 comments and over 270,000 views.

Many expressed their astonishment at what they perceived as an innovative feature, highlighting a gap in general automotive knowledge among the current generation.

Not All Mirrors Are Created Equal

It's important to note that the presence of this dimming tab isn't universal across all vehicle models. While some rearview mirrors adjust automatically to reduce glare, others, like the advanced rearview mirror in the Toyota Highlander, switch to a camera display when the tab is flipped, offering a modern twist to this essential safety feature.

This incident underscores the importance of familiarizing oneself with all the features of one's vehicle, not only for convenience but for safety as well. As automotive technology evolves, so too should our understanding of the basic functionalities that enhance our driving experience.