Mechanic Exposes Industry's Dirty Tricks Against Motorists

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.25 - 2024 2:29 PM CET

You might quickly find yourself agreeing to something expensive that's not necessary at all.

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In every industry, there are those who seek to take advantage of consumers, and the automotive repair sector is no exception.

Esteemed American mechanic Scotty Kilmer, with a massive following of 6.1 million on YouTube, regularly uses his social media influence to shed light on deceitful practices within the mechanic industry aimed at unsuspecting motorists.

Kilmer's insights reveal how some mechanics exploit the trust of their customers for financial gain. A common scam he highlights involves false claims regarding oil leaks. Mechanics may insist that a vehicle requires extensive, costly repairs to address an oil spill issue.

Using an old Toyota Celica as an example, Kilmer demonstrates how mechanics might exaggerate the need for engine disassembly and gasket replacement, quoting a hefty repair cost of 1,200 dollars. He advises against hastily agreeing to such repairs, especially if there's no evident oil leakage beneath the vehicle.

"Here we have an old engine. You can see that just by looking at it. But when you look under the car, it doesn't drip oil at all," Kilmer says.

"They will tell you that they need to disassemble the engine and replace all gaskets – and that it will cost you 1,200 dollars. If your engine is not leaking oil and there is nothing under it, then don't say yes,"

However, Kilmer acknowledges situations where repairs are necessary, such as oil leaks on electrical components, including the generator. In these instances, he agrees that addressing the leaks is essential.

Beyond alerting his audience to potential scams, Kilmer's social media presence serves as a broader platform for automotive education, helping drivers navigate the complexities of vehicle maintenance and repair.