New Electric Vehicle with Wild Fast Charging: 310 miles in 10 Minutes

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.06 - 2024 11:06 AM CET

Photo: PR
Photo: PR
New Electric Vehicle with Wild Fast Charging.

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The world's fastest charging? The new electric vehicle charges up to 521 kWh and achieves nearly 310 miles of range after just 10 minutes of charging.

The new electric vehicle from Chinese manufacturer Li Auto might not be the fastest on the road, but it is incredibly quick at a fast-charging station.

In fact, it's the electric vehicle with the world's fastest charging capability.

The Fastest Charging Electric Vehicle in the World

The technological development in the electric vehicle market is rapid, with significant improvements seen in every new generation. Particularly, a lot of effort is being put into developing and improving batteries by car manufacturers.

Not only to achieve a longer range but also to enable faster charging. A new electric vehicle equipped with a battery from CATL comes with the world's fastest charging.

It's the Li Auto Mega, which has just been unveiled. Li Auto is a premium Chinese electric vehicle manufacturer and startup that competes intensely with two other Chinese brands, Xpeng and NIO.

Their latest electric vehicle, Mega, might not be what you expect. In fact, it's a minibus – albeit with a very futuristic design. However, the car itself is not as interesting as the new technology it introduces, which we will likely soon see in other electric vehicles.

LiAuto MEGA - Photo: PR

10-80% in 10 Minutes and Improved Durability

The Li Auto Mega is equipped with a new battery from CATL, the world's largest battery manufacturer. The electric vehicle fast charges at a maximum power of 521 kW. In a test, Li Auto showed that the car can reach 10-80 percent in just 10 minutes of charging, which corresponds to a range of 500 kilometers (according to the CLTC standard, not WLTP).

The battery is CATL's new Qilin 5C ternary NMC battery with a capacity of 102.7 kWh, giving Mega a range of 710 kilometers (CLTC). Additionally, the battery manufacturer promises a 50 percent improvement in the lifespan of the battery cells.

Li Auto has also opened several fast-charging stations in China that charge at more than 500 kW.

Electric Vehicle with Impressive Specifications

It's not just the charging that's impressive in the new Li Auto Mega. In fact, the new electric vehicle showcases what we can expect from Chinese manufacturers in the near future.

Mega is packed with the latest technology, including LiDAR, high-performance Snapdragon 8295P platform, large 15.7-inch infotainment screens, Head-up display with AR, a 17-inch entertainment screen for rear passengers, autonomous driving technology with high-performance Nvidia Orin-X chips – and the list goes on.

And the large minibus boasts an air resistance coefficient of only 0.215 Cd, which is better than the sports car Porsche Taycan.

Li Auto has previously announced plans to expand into more continents, but for now, they will continue to be found only in Asia.

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