It was Inches from Going in the Trash: Now It's Sold for More Than $100,000

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.07 - 2023 3:26 PM CET

Photo: Private
Photo: Private
Now It's Sold for More Than $100,000.

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In an astonishing turn of events, a 19th-century bow, crafted by renowned French bowmaker Jean-Pierre Marie Persois, nearly ended up in the trash. This is reported by France3.

Discovered in a house near Sées as part of a succession, this exquisite artifact, along with its violin, was initially overlooked by the heirs and almost discarded.

Great decision

However, one family member suggested taking it to an auction house to ascertain its value.

"The bow immediately caught my eye. It was magnificent but I had doubts about its value so I I decided to call on a Parisian expert" says the family member.

At an auction held at the Palais d'Argentré in Sées, Orne, this historical piece, dated around 1825, sold for a staggering 98,000 euros ($105.000)

"I've never sold a bow at this price before. It shows that Orne is a real storehouse of treasures." states Maître Biget.

Auctioneer Maître Biget from Hôtel des ventes d'Alençon recognized its rarity, particularly its pernambuco wood and silver-ebony frog.

The piece’s journey from near disposal to fetching a remarkable sum at auction underlines its exceptional value and historical significance​