Decades later: Oswald's friend dismisses JFK conspiracy myths

Written by Jeppe W

Nov.23 - 2023 11:37 AM CET


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Paul Gregory, once a close friend of Lee Harvey Oswald, steps forward in an exclusive interview with SE og HØR, sharing his conviction that Oswald alone was responsible for the assassination of American President John F. Kennedy exactly 60 years ago.

Gregory dismisses the myriad of theories and conspiracies that have circulated since that fateful day in Dallas, where Kennedy was brutally murdered, and Oswald himself was later fatally shot en route to jail.

Gregory's unique perspective comes from his close association with Oswald and his Russian wife, Marina. He has now penned a book detailing the entire saga, offering a rare glimpse into the life of the man who changed the course of American history.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence supporting any conspiracy theory, Gregory firmly believes Oswald acted alone. "There has been nothing definitive in 60 years to prove a conspiracy," he asserts in today's edition of "Krimi med Kaae.", a danish crime podcast.

Gregory argues that Oswald had both the motives and means to commit the crime independently.

A young Paul Gregory, still living with the memory of his friend turned presidential assassin, hopes his book will shed light on Oswald's capabilities.

Yet, many Americans continue to believe in the possibility of accomplices. Gregory thinks this stems from the reluctance to accept that random events can alter history significantly, especially when the perpetrator appears unqualified for such a monumental act.

Oswald, a minimum-wage worker with limited literacy, was seen by many as incapable of orchestrating the assassination of a president. Gregory challenges this notion, suggesting that societal biases cloud our judgment of Oswald's abilities.

Today, Marina, Oswald's widow, lives in the U.S. under a new name at the age of 82. Gregory's insights and book offer a new angle on one of the most discussed and analyzed events in modern history, challenging the widely held belief in a broader conspiracy.

Listen to the full interview with Paul Gregory in the podcast below to delve deeper into the story of Lee Harvey Oswald, as seen through the eyes of someone who knew him intimately.

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