Crypto Expert Predicts: Proto-Danksharding Opens 'New Realm of Possibilities' for Ethereum

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.25 - 2024 3:03 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
According to the Danish crypto expert, a whole new realm of possibilities is opening up.

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Ethereum's latest upgrade, launched on March 13, marks a monumental shift. Described as the most significant overhaul in over a year, this update has been the focal point of discussions across the crypto community. The spotlight falls on the introduction of the "Proto-Danksharding" feature, also known as EIP-4844, heralding a new era for Ethereum's scalability and efficiency.

"New Realm of Possibilities"

The essence of Proto-Danksharding is captured in its unique approach to data management within Ethereum's blockchain. As Cryto Expert, Mads Eberhardt from Steno Research elaborates to our partner site

“Proto-Danksharding brought to the table so-called ‘blobs’. These are sizable chunks of data that can be incorporated into Ethereum blocks but are kept distinct from the transaction data needed for smart contract execution.” This innovative feature aims to redefine how data is stored and processed, making Ethereum's blockchain more efficient than ever.

Eberhardt further explains the significance of these 'blobs,' “‘Blobs’ are crafted to temporarily store hefty data elements from rollup transactions, such as batches of transactions or zero-knowledge proofs, and are deleted from the blockchain after 18 days, once they are no longer required for transaction validity verification.”

This temporary data storage solution is designed to enhance the network's scalability by accommodating more transactions without compromising the blockchain's integrity.

Just over a week since the upgrade's implementation, the crypto community watches eagerly as its impacts begin to unfold. Eberhardt expresses optimism about the future, stating, “This upgrade is poised to unlock a whole new realm of possibilities for the Ethereum ecosystem and pioneer new use-cases onchain.”

His confidence in the upgrade's promise to revolutionize Ethereum's capabilities reflects a broader sentiment within the industry.

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