Iconic "Home Alone" House for Sale: Take a Look Inside

Written by Camilla Jessen

May.28 - 2024 8:33 AM CET

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
The stately brick Georgian residence featured in "Home Alone" offers a rare opportunity to own one of the most iconic movie homes in American pop culture.

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The iconic house where young Kevin McCallister was left behind when his family went on a Christmas trip to Paris in 1990 is now up for sale. This is the famous villa from the beloved Christmas film Home Alone, where child actor Macaulay Culkin became a household name by playing the boy who defended his home from the "Wet Bandits."

As reported by NBC, the house is located in a suburb of Chicago, just as it is in the film. According to the estate agent handling the sale, the property covers over 800 square meters.

Photo: Zillow

Prospective buyers will need deep pockets to acquire this iconic house, which has been listed for $5.25 million.

The price includes five bedrooms, six bathrooms, two living rooms, a kitchen, a home cinema, a garage for three cars, and a basketball court, according to the estate agent.

Photo: Zillow

Located at 671 Lincoln Avenue in Winnetka, the house was last sold in 2012, when the current owners purchased it for $1.25 million. The house underwent renovations in 2018, but the owners made sure to preserve its most iconic features.

However, it’s worth noting that only the exterior of the house was used in the filming of Home Alone. All indoor scenes were shot on sets built in an abandoned school in Illinois.

Photo: Zillow

Photo: Zillow

Kevin's Place on the Walk of Fame

Home Alone became the highest-grossing comedy film in cinemas when it premiered in 1990, and it continues to be a Christmas favorite for millions around the world.

Macaulay Culkin, who starred as Kevin, later admitted that he struggled with the fame that followed. As a result, he keeps a low profile today and considers himself retired from Hollywood.

In 2023, Culkin was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, securing his place among the greatest movie stars.

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