King Charles' ultimatum to Harry and Meghan

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.28 - 2023 10:46 AM CET

King Charles' Ultimatum to Harry and Meghan.

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When Prince Harry and Meghan Markle announced their plans to move to the United States, King Charles presented them with two options, according to a report by the Byline Times.

The couple could either remain under the "safety tent" of the British monarchy or face being "cast away and castigated." This move was reportedly aimed at minimizing the risk of the Sussexes overshadowing the royal family.

Prince Harry revealed in his memoir that he and Meghan lost their palace-provided security, contrary to his initial expectations. The Prince had assumed that the palace would maintain security for them, an assumption that later proved incorrect.

While the Sussexes have been subjects of media scrutiny, they have also been lauded for their relatability. Their recent visit to New York City for an Archewell event was praised by royal editor Emily Nash. However, their media appearances, including their Oprah interview and Netflix docu-series, have been met with mixed reviews.

Controversies and public opinion

Meghan Markle is rumored to be writing her memoirs, sparking debates about the couple's media engagements. Meanwhile, activists and royal experts continue to discuss the couple's influence, especially in the Commonwealth nations.

Bonnie Brownlee, a royal expert, suggested that Harry and Meghan had a key advantage as working royals but perhaps didn't realize their potential before moving to the U.S. Their departure has led to ongoing discussions about their roles and the future of the monarchy.

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