Matthew Perry's ex raises concerns: I don't believe he just drowned

Written by Henrik Rothen

Nov.12 - 2023 8:34 AM CET

Photo: Private / Instagram
Photo: Private / Instagram
Matthew Perry's ex raises concerns.

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Matthew Perry's ex-girlfriend, Kayti Edwards, has recently voiced her concerns about the possibility of a relapse leading up to the "Friends" star's unexpected death.

Edwards, who had a romantic relationship with Perry in 2006 and maintained a close friendship with him thereafter, has raised suspicions based on Perry's behavior and social media activity prior to his passing.

According to The Sun, Edwards highlighted a particular Instagram post where Perry referred to himself as "Mattman," a nickname she claims he often used during periods of non-sobriety.

This, coupled with the nature of his last posts, led her to believe that Perry might have been struggling with his sobriety in his final days.

The circumstances surrounding Perry's death have been a subject of speculation. Edwards expressed skepticism about the official narrative, stating,

"I don’t believe he just drowned in his jacuzzi, that doesn’t sound right.”

She suspects that Perry might have been under the influence of pills in the week leading up to his death. While initial tests did not detect fentanyl or meth in his system, the results of a comprehensive toxicology report are still awaited.

Edwards recounted an incident from their past, which she believes is telling of Perry's behavior when under the influence. She described finding Perry naked in a neighbor's swimming pool, highlighting his tendency to seek water environments like pools or jacuzzis while using drugs.

The entertainment world continues to mourn the loss of a beloved actor, whose life was marked by both remarkable talent and a challenging battle with addiction.

Watch some of Matthew Perry's last posts on Instagram below.

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