TMZ Reveals: Tori Spelling Files for Divorce

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.29 - 2024 9:55 PM CET

Photo: Wiki Commons
Photo: Wiki Commons
In a move that marks the closure of a high-profile chapter, Tori Spelling has filed for divorce from Dean McDermott, signaling the end of their long-standing relationship.

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Tori Spelling has taken legal steps to end her marriage with Dean McDermott, a relationship that captivated fans for over a decade.

This significant development was first reported by TMZ, who obtained the legal documents filed by Spelling, the star of "Beverly Hills, 90210."

A Decisive Move for Spelling

Spelling, the petitioner in the proceedings, has detailed her grievances and requests in the paperwork filed last Friday.

She has cited irreconcilable differences as the core reason behind her decision to seek a dissolution of marriage, marking June 17, 2023, as the official date of separation.

Financial and Custodial Requests

In a notable assertion of her stance, Spelling is seeking spousal support from McDermott and aims to inhibit any claims he might make for support from her.

Moreover, she is asking McDermott to bear the costs of her attorney's fees. With five minor children between them, Spelling's plea for sole physical custody, coupled with a proposal for joint legal custody and visitation rights for McDermott, highlights her priorities in the wake of their separation.

Unresolved Matters of Asset Division

The absence of any mention of a prenuptial agreement in the divorce documents suggests that the division of assets and property is yet to be determined, a process that will unfold as the case progresses.

The End of an Era

Having tied the knot in 2006, Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott's marriage was frequently in the spotlight, with their challenges and triumphs shared publicly.

The filing for divorce thus signifies the end of an era for the couple, whose relationship dynamics have been a subject of media attention and public intrigue for years.

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