Step-by-Step Guide: Grow Strawberries on Your Balcony and Terrace

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.12 - 2024 7:07 PM CET

An easy guide for urban gardeners.

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You don’t need a sprawling garden to enjoy home-grown strawberries; they can flourish right on your terrace or balcony in pots.

This method keeps the berries clean and pristine, away from the soil. It also adds a decorative touch to your outdoor spaces with their bright green foliage, white flowers, and vibrant red fruits.

Why Grow Strawberries in Pots?

Strawberries are not only delicious but they are also quite decorative and easy to grow in confined spaces. This makes them perfect for pot cultivation on terraces or balconies where you can appreciate both their beauty and taste.

The ideal time to plant strawberries is in the fall, allowing the flowers to develop over the winter and bloom the following spring.

But what if it's already spring? Is it too late to plant strawberries?

The answer is no: For those planting in spring who wish to harvest in the same year, it’s important to select large, well-established plants that already have flower buds.

Key Steps for Planting Strawberries in Pots

  1. Choose the Right Container: Ensure the pot has drainage holes at the bottom. Consider adding a layer of gravel or broken pottery to aid in drainage and prevent root rot.

  2. Soil and Planting: Use high-quality potting soil. Plant the strawberries ensuring the crown is just above the soil surface to prevent rotting.

  3. Watering Needs: Regular watering is crucial, especially from the time the flowers bloom until the berries ripen. The soil should remain moist but not waterlogged. Daily watering may be necessary, particularly in warmer weather.

  4. Fertilization: Fertilize the plants after harvesting the berries. Avoid over-fertilizing as it can lead to lush foliage at the expense of fruit production.

Innovative Planting Solutions: Building a Strawberry Tower

For those with very limited space, building a strawberry tower is an excellent solution that maximizes vertical space and can be quite a decorative feature.

Here’s a simple way to build one:

  • Materials Needed: Five plastic buckets with holes drilled around the sides, one plastic bottle, potting soil.

  • Construction:

    • Step 1: Drill about 12 holes in each bucket for the plants.

    • Step 2: Modify a plastic bottle by making a small hole in the cap and cutting off the bottom. This will be used for watering.

    • Step 3: Start with the bottom bucket. Add soil and arrange your strawberry plants through the side holes. Fill the bucket about three-quarters with soil.

    • Step 4: Repeat with the next buckets, stacking each on top of the lower one.

    • Step 5: For the top bucket, set up the modified bottle as a central watering system and arrange plants around it. Fill with soil and water through the bottle.

Place the tower in a sunny spot and enjoy a vertical bounty of strawberries. This setup not only utilizes vertical space efficiently but also simplifies watering and maintenance.

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