Maya Jama and Stormzy reunite at Music Festival

Written by Henrik Rothen

Aug.21 - 2023 10:12 AM CET

Foto: Wikipedia Commons
Foto: Wikipedia Commons
Maya Jama and Stormzy reunite at Music Festival

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Maya Jama, the renowned host of "Love Island," was recently seen sharing a light-hearted moment with her ex-boyfriend, the rapper Stormzy. The two, who parted ways in 2019 after a four-year relationship, were spotted together at the All Points East festival in London's Victoria Park. Jama, who had just returned from a vacation in Ibiza, was there to support Stormzy as he headlined the event.

The festival saw Stormzy delivering a powerful performance, and he was joined by friends including Idris Elba and YouTuber Chunkz. Following his set, Jama reportedly joined him and their mutual friends for a backstage afterparty. The two seemed to be in good spirits, enjoying drinks and even a personalized McDonald’s van.

An eyewitness shared with The Sun, "Maya and Stormzy may not be an item anymore, but they've always shared a close bond. She's genuinely proud of his achievements, and the feeling is mutual. They took the time to catch up, and people around them respected their space."

During his performance, Stormzy, whose real name is Michael Omari, expressed his gratitude to the audience, describing the night as "one of the greatest nights of my life." He added, "This is my hometown. You all are my family. I can't thank you enough for changing my life and my family's life."

In a recent Vogue interview, Jama opened up about her relationship with Stormzy, reflecting on their shared ambition and the challenges they faced as a couple in the public eye. She said, "It was a beautiful journey when it was, and then you move on."

Apart from the festival, Jama made headlines during her Ibiza trip when she was photographed sharing a kiss with supermodel Munroe Bergdorf. The TV presenter also celebrated her 29th birthday during her vacation.

The reunion of Jama and Stormzy at the festival has sparked interest among fans, with many curious about the nature of their current relationship.