Add These 5 Spices to Your Coffee, according to Neurologist

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.21 - 2024 10:35 PM CET

Add These 5 Spices to Your Coffee, according to Neurologist.

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Spices, and more, can make all the difference for your cognitive health. Discover what you should be adding.

Forget about sugar in your coffee. It's not one of the ingredients you should add to improve your brain health. Speaking to the website SheFinds, a neurologist explains the benefits certain spices, and more, can have on cognitive health.

These are all easy-to-find options at the supermarket that can make a significant difference. The recommendations are shared by neurologist Brandon Crawford.

Here they are:


"Can regulate blood sugar levels, which is crucial for maintaining cognitive function and preventing neurodegenerative diseases."


"Helps to reduce inflammation and oxidative damage in the brain."


"Can help improve cognitive function, reduce inflammation, and oxidative stress."


"Improves mood, which can contribute to a more focused and positive mental state."

Black Pepper

"Helps to improve digestion and nutrient absorption, which indirectly benefits cognitive health."