Discover Why Drinking Lemon Juice in the Morning May Not Be Such a Good Idea

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.05 - 2024 9:00 AM CET

There have been numerous rumors about the health benefits of drinking lemon juice in the morning. However, the reality might be different than expected.

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Rumors abound about the benefits of drinking lemon juice on an empty stomach. Besides being delicious in drinks, dishes, and desserts, lemons possess great properties! The fruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and has anti-inflammatory properties. While it's true that it can alleviate several ailments, lemon juice can also pose problems, experts at write.

Thus, it's essential to be cautious and not consume it thoughtlessly. Moreover, you should not believe everything you read on the internet.

You may have heard that it's healthy to drink lemon juice on an empty stomach in the morning. This information should be taken with caution, as it depends on the individual and how it's consumed.

There's a lot of information circulating about lemon juice in the morning on an empty stomach, including claims that it whitens teeth and aids in weight loss! However, lemon juice is not a miracle cure for weight loss. Nor does it clean your teeth, but instead, it may damage them.

Enamel, a mineral-rich layer protecting the teeth, can be demineralized by the acid in lemons.

The juice from this citrus fruit has a pH of 2.4, sufficient to be advised against for individuals with stomach issues or a sensitive digestive system. It can increase the sensation of a burning stomach and esophagus, causing heartburn and acid reflux.

If this applies to you, avoid drinking it - especially on an empty stomach in the morning!

If you have a robust stomach and drink it for the right reasons, lemon juice in the morning can be harmless. It still possesses beneficial properties that are interesting for the body.

If you wish to drink lemon juice in the morning and enjoy its properties, make sure to dilute it with lukewarm water before drinking.

This approach will reduce the acidity and gently stimulate the liver's metabolism and bile production. It can improve your digestion, enhance your blood circulation, and even increase your vitality.

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