Heartbreaking video: Family shaves their heads in solidarity with cancer-stricken mom

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

Sep.24 - 2023 6:29 PM CET

Photo: Youtube.com
Photo: Youtube.com
Heartbreaking video: Family shaves their heads in solidarity with cancer-stricken mom

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In a touching display of solidarity with a mother battling cancer, the internet is abuzz with a family's profound gesture. The entire family shaved their heads in support of the ailing woman.

Cancer, a collective term for various malignant diseases, stands as the one of the leading causes of death in the world. Among women, breast cancer is the most prevalent. Unfortunately, no preventive measures can guarantee immunity from this ailment. However, when such adversities strike, it's the family and friends who become the pillars of strength, encouraging the patient to fight for their life.

Watch the video below.

Dolores Perez, a woman grappling with terminal cancer, experienced extraordinary support from her family. A poignant moment of her life was captured on video and swiftly went viral online.

The footage shows Dolores seated in a salon chair, awaiting her turn to have her hair shaved off. As she loses her locks, her family members, one by one, also begin to trim their hair, eventually going completely bald. By doing so, every family member conveyed their unwavering love and support.

Dolores, unprepared for such a gesture, was deeply moved. The heartwarming act brought tears to her eyes, and she warmly embraced each family member. The video caption read, "No one fights alone." This family stood by their mother throughout her illness, and the act of shaving their heads symbolized that she wasn't battling this alone.

The heartwarming video was shared by the Instagram page "Good News Movement," renowned for spotlighting exceptional and powerful stories deserving of public attention.

Once the video was posted online, it quickly gained traction. Social media users expressed their emotions and prayers for Dolores's health in the comments section.

The comments were flooded with red hearts, symbolizing love and support. Many sent strength, love, and wishes for Dolores's health. Another commenter noted the immense love the sons must have for their mother, which is the greatest gift in the world.

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