New Study Links Alcohol Consumption to Menopause Onset

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.03 - 2024 5:27 PM CET

New Study Links Alcohol Consumption to Menopause Onset.

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Norwegian researchers from OsloMet have unveiled surprising findings from a new study examining the relationship between women's alcohol consumption and the onset of menopause.

Published in The International Journal of Epidemiology, the study analyzed responses from a questionnaire completed by 280,000 women aged 50-69, inquiring about their alcohol usage and menstrual cycles, as reported by TV 2 Norge.

The study revealed that women who consumed alcohol experienced a later onset of menopause compared to non-drinkers.

Further Research Required

This Norwegian study aligns with international research indicating a similar connection between alcohol consumption and menopause onset. However, the researchers noted the difficulty in determining the significance of this delay.

They emphasized the broader health implications of alcohol consumption and called for further research into menopause to enhance understanding in this area.

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