Coffee Filters: Not Just for Brewing Coffee – Here Are 9 Ingenious Uses

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.04 - 2024 8:45 PM CET

Coffee filters are found in many kitchen cabinets, primarily for brewing coffee. However, their utility extends far beyond just coffee making.

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The soft and absorbent material of these small paper filters makes them an unmatched helper for various household tasks. Would you have guessed coffee filters could be used in these ways?

Cleans Mirrors and Windows

Surprisingly effective for cleaning mirrors and windows, coffee filters made of paper leave no lint or streaks, making mirrors and windows shine.

How to clean windows or mirrors: Spray the surface with your usual cleaning agent and wipe off with a coffee filter.

Dusts Off Home Electronics

Dust easily accumulates on TV and computer screens, and a soft microfiber cloth is generally recommended for cleaning home electronics.

If you don't have a suitable cloth on hand, various screens can also be dusted with coffee filters. The soft paper effectively collects dust from surfaces.

Polishes Faucets

A coffee filter is also suitable for polishing stainless steel, such as home faucets. Try the trick when you need to remove soap residue on the shower's fixture.

Replaces Paper Towels

Paper towels always seem to run out when you need them most. Luckily, coffee filters are very absorbent and can serve as paper towels in a pinch. Whether it's water, juice, or oil spilled on the table, a coffee filter removes it just as well as paper.

Cleans Nail Polish

It's time for a manicure, but you're out of cotton pads. No worries! If you have coffee filters in your kitchen cabinets, you're not out of options.

Coffee filters work excellently as a substitute for cotton pads. Nail polish remover is well absorbed by the paper, and the durable coffee filter doesn't fall apart or leave lint on the nails when removing polish.

Eases Planting

Planting plants and flowers in pots can be messy, especially if soil leaks out of the pot's bottom. Avoid extra mess by placing a coffee filter at the bottom of the flowerpot. The filter effectively holds the soil while allowing water to drain.

Protects Porcelain

Do you have valuable porcelain at home? You can ensure it stays scratch and dent-free by placing coffee filters between stacks of plates. This trick can also be used when packing plates into moving boxes.

Serves as a Microwave Cover

Need to heat up food but missing a cover? If you don't have a microwave cover at hand, you can also protect the portion with a coffee filter.

Acts as an Air Freshener

This trick refreshes both shoes and damp cabinets. You only need baking soda and coffee filters. Sprinkle the bottom of the filter with baking soda and close the bag with a rubber band. Place the fragrance bags at the back of the cabinet or in a drawer to freshen the air.

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