Discover the 10-Minute Trick: A Promise to Speed Up Drying Clothes Without a Machine

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.17 - 2024 11:47 AM CET

A Promise to Speed Up Drying Clothes Without a Machine.

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Drying clothes in winter can be a real challenge, especially when weather conditions don't allow for hanging clothes outside. While clothes dryers offer a convenient solution, they can also add a significant amount to your energy bill.

However, there's a simple trick that can help speed up the drying process without the need for a dryer: the 10-minute trick.

As reported by Postal, this trick involves adding an extra 10-minute spin cycle to your washing machine after the wash cycle. This spin cycle removes excess water from the clothes, allowing them to dry more quickly when hung up. Moreover, this approach is much more economical than using a clothes dryer, thus contributing to household savings.

By opting for an extra spin, the amount of water retained in the clothes is significantly reduced, resulting in shorter drying times.

It's important to note that the faster the drum's rotation speed during the spin cycle, the drier the clothes will be. This measure not only saves energy but also prevents the increase of humidity levels inside the home, which could lead to mold growth.

However, if drying clothes indoors becomes inevitable due to lack of space or unfavorable weather conditions, a dehumidifier can be a useful solution to control humidity levels and prevent mold problems.

In summary, the 10-minute trick is a simple and effective solution to accelerate the drying process of clothes during winter, offering practicality and savings to families concerned with energy costs.

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