Do Your Pillows Have Yellow Stains? Here's How to Properly Wash Them with Ingredients We All Have at Home

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.07 - 2023 1:03 PM CET

Here's How to Properly Wash Them with Ingredients We All Have at Home.

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Yellow stains on your pillows due to sweat are a common issue, and it's important to wash them to prevent the growth of bacteria.

Yellowed pillows are often the result of accumulated sweat, body oils, and other impurities over time. Delaying the washing of pillows can lead to bacterial proliferation and even mold cases if they are not thoroughly cleaned. While washing yellowed pillows might seem a difficult or impossible task, there are easy techniques with ingredients commonly found in our homes.

With a few natural ingredients and some practical tips, you can restore your pillows to a fresh and clean appearance. For instance, lime is an effective solution.

According to Linternaute, the trick is simple: squeeze two limes onto the yellow stains before deeply washing them in the machine at 90 degrees Celsius.

The acidity of the lime helps to whiten your pillow.

All you need to do is gently rub the lime juice onto the pillow stains. Let it sit for 30 minutes, then proceed with machine washing. Interestingly, you can also apply lime juice to the yellow stains on your mattress.

If you don't have limes, substitute them with white vinegar. When machine washing your pillows, add three cups of white vinegar for a fresh and stain-free finish. The acidity of white vinegar can help remove yellow stains. White vinegar and lime are cost-effective ways to easily eliminate these unsightly stains.

Other tips to prevent your pillows from becoming completely yellowed and needing frequent replacement include:

  • Wash them once a month to avoid ingrained stains.

  • Always choose a 90-degree Celsius program when machine washing, as this helps eliminate all bacteria caused by sweat.

  • Rub the stains with soapy water and soak your pillows overnight. This allows the cleaning products to have a maximal effect on removing the most stubborn stains.

With these tips, you can efficiently clean your yellowed pillows using natural ingredients. This process can be repeated every month to maintain your pillows' freshness, avoiding the need for professional dry cleaning or frequent replacements.

Taking care of your pillows is essential to prevent the development of bacteria and mites.

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