Say Goodbye to Flies: Three Simple Tricks to Keep Them Out of Your Home

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.01 - 2024 12:43 PM CET

Discover how to make your home a no-fly zone with these easy and natural solutions. No chemicals, no fuss!

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Flies might play a crucial role in nature's cycle, but let's face it, no one wants them as house guests.

These uninvited visitors not only bring germs from their adventures in less savory places but also have a knack for turning any meal into a potential health hazard.

It's not just about the ick factor; flies can spread a variety of diseases, making their eviction from your home a top priority.

Luckily, keeping flies at bay doesn't require professional help or harsh chemicals. Here are three foolproof tricks to maintain a fly-free zone, courtesy of

Apple Cider Vinegar: A Fly's Fatal Attraction

One of the simplest and most effective ways to trap flies involves a pantry staple: apple cider vinegar.

Flies can't resist the scent of fermented fruit, and this trick turns their attraction into your advantage.

Whether you opt for a plastic bottle with holes poked in the lid or a glass bottle with a paper funnel, the setup is straightforward. Just pour apple cider vinegar into the bottle, add a spoonful of sugar to sweeten the deal, and a few drops of dish soap.

The soap breaks the surface tension, ensuring that any fly venturing in for a sip doesn't venture back out.

Aromatic Plants: Nature's No-Fly Zone

Who knew that the solution to your fly problem could also beautify your home and spice up your cooking? Planting aromatic herbs and flowers like basil, marigolds, lavender, bay leaves, and catnip can create a natural barrier against flies.

These plants emit scents that flies find offensive, effectively keeping them at bay.

Positioning pots of these plants near windows and in the kitchen not only deters flies but also leaves your home smelling fresh and inviting—for humans, at least.

Citrus and Cloves: The Scented Shield

The combination of citrus and cloves is not just for festive occasions; it's also an effective fly deterrent.

Embedding whole cloves in a lemon or lime creates a potent fragrance that flies can't stand.

This method is as simple as it is aromatic: just push six to eight cloves into a citrus fruit, place it on a plate to catch any juice, and set it where flies are a problem.

Changing out the fruit weekly ensures the scent remains strong, helping keep your home fly-free.

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