The Hidden Risk of Placing Air Fryers Under Kitchen Cabinets

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.10 - 2024 5:30 PM CET

Find out why setting your air fryer beneath kitchen cabinets might not be the best idea.

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The air fryer has become a beloved kitchen gadget for those seeking the crispy texture of fried foods without the added calories.

Yet, the placement of this appliance in your kitchen requires careful consideration. Placing an air fryer directly under kitchen cabinets poses a risk not only to the cabinets themselves but also introduces a fire hazard.

Risks of Improper Placement

Air fryers function by circulating hot air to cook food, a process that generates considerable heat. Placing an air fryer under low-hanging cabinets traps this hot air, leading to overheating.

This not only threatens the longevity of the appliance itself but can also cause damage to your cabinetry.

From discoloration to warping, the consequences may necessitate costly repairs or replacements. The heat buildup might even escalate to a fire hazard, posing a serious safety risk.

Ventilation is Key

To avert these risks, it's important to position your air fryer in a spot that allows for adequate ventilation.

An ideal location is on an open countertop, away from walls and not wedged into a corner. This ensures that the hot air can dissipate safely, protecting both the appliance and its surroundings. To further safeguard your countertop, consider placing a heat-resistant mat under the air fryer, extending the life of your kitchen surfaces.

Activating the exhaust fan while the air fryer is in operation can help manage the kitchen's temperature and prevent the smoke alarm from being triggered unnecessarily.

Maintaining a buffer zone of approximately 5 inches around the device ensures optimal air flow and heat dispersion when the air fryer is in use.

Storing Your Air Fryer Safely

When not in use, the air fryer can be stored under cabinets or inside them without risk, as it no longer generates heat.

For those looking for innovative storage solutions, an "appliance garage" on the countertop offers a stylish and practical way to keep your air fryer accessible yet out of sight, aligning with the latest kitchen organization trends.

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