Unusual Trick: How to Keep Your Potatoes Fresh for Much Longer

Written by Henrik Rothen

Mar.03 - 2024 9:27 AM CET

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Photo: Shutterstock.com
How to Keep Your Potatoes Fresh for Much Longer.

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Many people are frustrated by how quickly their potatoes turn bland. With this trick, your potatoes will stay fresh for a significantly longer period.

Potatoes are among the most popular foods in many countries. They are affordable, versatile in cooking, and can last for several months with proper storage.

To keep your potatoes fresh for an extended time, there's a clever trick suitable for all consumers with a garden. You can store them in the ground.

According to Senest, this method has been used for centuries to store potatoes and essentially involves a 30-40 cm deep pit in your garden, where you can store potatoes, apples, pears, cabbages, and other vegetables.

Storing Potatoes in the Ground: What You Need to Know

To store your potatoes in the ground, you should first find a relatively shady and dry spot in your garden. Additionally, ensure that rainwater can drain away. Once you've found the right spot, do the following:

  • Dig a hole 30-40 cm deep. Adjust the width of the pit depending on how many potatoes you want to store.

  • Place a layer of sand about 5-10 centimeters thick at the bottom of the pit and cover it with a net to keep mice and other unwanted animals out.

  • Add some straw on top of the net for extra protection.

  • Then lay alternating layers of potatoes and a generous layer of straw in the pit. Make sure the potatoes are laid next to each other and not on top of each other, and that they do not have rotten spots.

  • Cover the pit with another layer of straw and ordinary wooden boards or a fiber cloth.

Additional Tips:

  • During winter, the potatoes should generally be placed as deep in the pit as possible since they do not withstand freezing temperatures. On particularly cold days, the tubers should be brought indoors to prevent spoilage.

  • When the temperature rises again, air your pit to prevent mold from forming due to moisture.

When Should I No Longer Eat the Potatoes?

Even though the above trick can extend the shelf life, you should check the potatoes before eating them.

  • Potatoes should not be eaten if they are rotten or too shriveled. Also, they should not be too green, and any sprouts should not be too long. The longer the sprouts or the greener the potato, the higher the concentration of the toxic substance solanine.

  • Short sprouts are fine, but for several centimeters, it is recommended not to eat the potatoes. Green areas should be removed before cooking.

Remember, this innovative method of storage not only extends the freshness of your potatoes but also embraces a time-honored tradition of utilizing natural preservation techniques.

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