Astonished campers: The hidden meaning of pink flamingos on campgrounds

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.05 - 2023 5:45 PM CET

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The pink tropical bird made of plastic may have a hidden erotic meaning within a specific community, according to rumors. Pink flamingos carry deep symbolism, but within American RV parks, this ornament may secretly indicate an interest in sexual relationships, according to

A new report from RV Travel, written by traveler Nanci Dixon, reveals how she was surprised by the hidden meaning of the pink birds. Figures of these waterfowl are frequently used as decoration in camping areas to signal to fellow campers that one is a swinger.

According to Dixon, the cryptic message these figures contain is "Swingercamper," and they are used to invite other couples to participate in partner swapping or casual relationships during their stay.

Astonished Guests at the Campground

Visitors to campgrounds have discovered this secret meaning. During a visit to an RV park, travelers recently overheard a conversation between other campers and a staff member at the site. The unsuspecting staff member joked with visitors that all they needed to freshen up their area was a group of flamingos.

The couple responded confusedly that they "are not in on it," but the staff member eventually discovered the true meaning of the bird's symbolism. Dixon reports:

"Our neighbor then mentioned a lively couple in the RV park who had a picture of his wife with a topless mermaid on the front of their RV. The truth dawned on the neighbor when he saw the pink flamingos fluttering in the wind on the man's golf cart."

Not the Only Symbol

In June, the Miami Herald confirmed the phenomenon, explaining that pink birds on one's lawn "indicate that the house's residents identify as swingers and practice this."

However, flamingos are not the only signal within the RV camping community. Pineapples have also become more widespread as a symbol. TikTok users have previously discussed this, explaining that this fruit is often seen in hotels and cruise ships.

Sometimes visitors place stickers outside their door as an indication to passersby that they are open to "receiving guests."

The pink flamingo's hidden meaning has left many campers astonished, revealing a subculture within the camping community that uses symbols to communicate specific interests and preferences.

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