Don’t Toss Them: 5 Everyday Uses for Silica Gel Packets

Written by Jakob A. Overgaard

May.19 - 2024 10:15 AM CET

They Can Make Life a Lot Easier!

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When you unbox a new bag or pair of shoes, you often find a small, unassuming packet included – those familiar silica gel packets.

Despite the packaging warning you to throw them away, don’t be too quick to discard these handy helpers!

These little packets can be surprisingly useful around the house.

Together with, we bring you five ingenious ways to put them to good use:

1. Dry Flowers

Drying flowers for decoration? Silica gel packets can help speed up the process.

Bonus Tip: After the flowers are dry, leave the packets with them to keep moisture at bay and maintain their beauty.

2. Save Your Phone

We've all experienced the panic of a water-damaged phone. Whether it's been dropped in a toilet or a puddle, silica gel can be a lifesaver.

Dismantle your phone as much as possible and place it in a container with silica gel packets. They will help draw out the moisture and increase your chances of saving your device.

3. Protect Old Memories

We all have cherished keepsakes like old photographs, children's drawings, or love letters. To protect these precious memories, store them with silica gel packets.

The packets will absorb any moisture, preventing your keepsakes from getting damaged.

4. Keep Silver Sparkling

Silverware is beautiful but tarnishes easily. Place silica gel packets in your silverware drawer to keep your cutlery shiny and untarnished.

5. Improve Visibility in Your Car

Avoid foggy windshields after a rainy spell by keeping a silica gel packet on your dashboard.

They absorb moisture and prevent condensation on the windshield, ensuring clear visibility.

Now that you know how useful these small silica gel packets can be, don’t throw them away!