Fill a cup with ketchup and pour it into the toilet: The result will surprise you

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.07 - 2023 12:42 PM CET

The result will surprise you.

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You just need to let the ketchup sit in the toilet for an hour, and then you'll see something surprising.

Most of us probably use regular toilet cleaner to clean our toilets, but did you know that ketchup can also be used to clean the toilet? Yes, you read that right - ketchup!

According to the website "TheCleaningMommy," ketchup is an effective way to remove rust stains and discolorations from your toilet. The reason for this is that ketchup contains vinegar, which is highly effective for cleaning.

How to clean a toilet with Ketchup

Here's how you should do it:

  • Pour about 60 ml of ketchup into the toilet and let it sit for at least an hour.

  • Use a toilet brush to scrub the toilet thoroughly.

  • Flush the toilet multiple times until all the ketchup is gone.

It may sound strange, but many people swear by this method and say it really works.

It's also a cheap and eco-friendly way to clean your toilet instead of relying on expensive cleaning products that also contain a lot of harmful chemicals.

Clean your toilet with a can of Cola

It's not just ketchup that you can use from your fridge to clean your toilet. It's actually also possible to clean your toilet with cola. This is according to the media outlet 'The Spruce.'

The method with Coca-Cola involves pouring a can of Coca-Cola into the toilet bowl and letting it sit for at least an hour (preferably overnight).

Afterward, scrub the toilet bowl with a toilet brush and flush with water. Coca-Cola contains acid that can help dissolve lime and rust deposits in the toilet bowl.

Watch how it works in the video below

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