Hair Expert Asserts: How Often You Should Wash Your Hair

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.22 - 2023 11:12 AM CET

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair.

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The answer might surprise many!

Many people wash their hair every day, while others choose only once a week, but what is correct according to experts?

The Salon Guy, a professional hairstylist and media personality with over a million subscribers on YouTube, has shared how often people should wash their hair.

And he outright dismisses some myths about hair washing. For The Salon Guy, there is plenty of advice on the internet about hair washing, but this does not take into account each person's unique hair type.

According to The Salon Guy, it's entirely up to you how much, or how little, you wash your hair.

Wash as Needed

He said, "My honest opinion as a hairstylist for many, many years is to wash your hair as needed. What does your scalp need? What does your hair need?"

For those whose hair gets dirty very easily, maybe at work or from sports, it's right to wash their hair "as often as possible."

For others, he reassured them that washing hair less frequently "will not make your hair fall out, it will not damage your hair in any way – it won't be the end of the world."

Conversely, The Salon Guy says that it is possible to wash your hair too often. This, along with using the wrong shampoo and hair products, can dry out the scalp. Dandruff or flaking can be a sign that you are overdoing hair washing and "removing the oils that your scalp needs."

The expert continued, "In my opinion, it's perfectly fine to wash your hair two or three times a week - maybe Monday, Wednesday, and Friday."

Washing your hair every second to third day is also optimal if you want longer hair. The Salon Guy claimed that this hair washing routine keeps the hair moist and can cause faster hair growth.

Use of Conditioner

Regarding conditioner, The Salon Guy explained that it removes any tangles and keeps it soft and smooth.

Those with thin or fine hair may find that too much conditioner weighs their hair down, and they only need to do this every other time they use shampoo.

Instead, they can use shampoo and then use The Salon Guy's 25 - Leave In Hair Treatment Spray to "tame the ends, prevent frizz, flyaway hair," for UV protection, and to protect against the weather.