Man claims he knows why takeaway pizzas come with a plastic stool

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.03 - 2023 9:00 PM CET

Foto: TikTok
Foto: TikTok
He knows why takeaway pizzas come with a plastic stool.

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If you've ever ordered a takeaway pizza, you may have noticed a small plastic stool in the center of the box. While many have assumed that this peculiar object is there to hold up the lid of the box, preventing the toppings from getting squashed, a TikToker has a different theory.

According to common knowledge, the object, often referred to as a 'pizza saver,' 'pizza table,' or 'pizza stool,' is used to prevent the top of the food container from collapsing in at the center and touching the food inside.

It's also believed to help the pizza stay together during delivery after it's been cut into slices.

However, TikToker Seb Web (@sebweb67) believes there's more to it. In a video, he claimed the stool is more of a hygiene device, designed to stop people from touching other slices.

To prove his point, he demonstrated how the stool can be used to tear a slice off easily without having to touch the adjacent piece, keeping it perfectly untainted for another diner.

The video has gone viral on TikTok, sparking a debate among viewers. While some were amazed by the clip, others were less convinced. One person commented,

"I was today years old. I thought it helped keep the pieces together when the mad bikers drive like they're fricking Formula 1 drivers." Another insisted, "It's to stop the lid hitting the topping." Some even humorously thought it was a table for a Barbie doll.

While the TikTok video may not have completely cleared things up, it certainly adds a new perspective to why the stools are there. Whether it's for hygiene, keeping the pizza intact, or preventing the lid from touching the toppings, the little plastic stool in the pizza box continues to intrigue and mystify pizza lovers.

Perhaps it's time for pizza companies to provide some definitive answers!

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