Never store your avocado this way: It could make you sick

Written by Henrik Rothen

Oct.07 - 2023 9:47 AM CET

Never store your avocado this way.

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A viral "hack" for storing avocados has been debunked by experts who claim it could actually make you sick.

As food prices soar, many people are looking for ways to save money on their groceries. Moreover, people are becoming better at preserving food and using it the next day.

However, a specific "hack" that claims to keep avocados fresher for a longer period has been discredited by experts, as it could lead to diarrhea due to the bacteria it can create.

The storage trick, which has gone viral on TikTok and has been hailed as "genius" by many users, encourages people to store their avocados in water to prevent them from turning brown.

This method, however, can create the perfect environment for dangerous bacteria to thrive, meaning you could get sick if you decide to eat the water-stored avocado.

Proponents of the hack claim that it slows down the oxidation process, thereby preventing the avocado from ripening too quickly. While this may be true, it also creates a breeding ground for bacteria like listeria and salmonella, which can be found on the surface of the avocado, according to Mirror.

"When we became aware of this trend, we saw that people were using this trick and it was working for them. Submerging the avocado in water does slow down the oxidation process, which causes your avocado to over-ripen. Although it's clear that the trick keeps your avocados fresher for a longer period, you should not use this hack as it is dangerous. When you submerge your avocados in water, you create an environment that allows human bacteria like listeria and salmonella to thrive," said Scott Evans.

The storage expert's viewpoint was also backed up by dietitian Dr. Duane Mellor at Birmingham's Aston University, who said that while bacteria "harmlessly exist" on the surface of an avocado, you increase the risk of 'picking them up' when you eat the fruit after it has been stored in water.

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