The "Five Garments Rule": Unlocking the Secret to a Trend-Proof Wardrobe

Written by Henrik Rothen

Feb.09 - 2024 10:15 PM CET

Photo: Unsplash
Photo: Unsplash
Unlocking the Secret to a Trend-Proof Wardrobe With the "Five Garments Rule".

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The "Five Garments Rule" represents a new phenomenon that could transform our approach to clothing purchases, offering a fresh response to the fashion trends that have dominated the industry in recent years. But what is this new trend, and what benefits does it offer?

In recent months, the "Five Garments Rule" has been gaining popularity on social media. This trend aims to help individuals refrain from buying too many clothes. But how exactly does the Five Garments Rule work?

The Five Garments Rule: Embracing Less Frequent Shopping

  • Modern fashion and its relentless pursuit of trends often present a significant temptation for many. The constantly changing collections and new items promoted on social media are designed to convince consumers that another purchase is absolutely necessary.

  • Unfortunately, items bought on such impulses often turn out to be unnecessary or of low quality, leading to rapid wear and tear. This contributes to an ever-increasing pile of clothing waste, polluting the environment.

  • Efforts to combat this phenomenon have emerged from time to time. Recently, media outlets and influencers have shown interest in what has been termed the "Five Garments Rule."

What is the Five Garments Rule? At its core, it advocates for a sustainable, minimalist approach to buying clothes, limiting purchases to no more than five new wardrobe items per year.

This rule encourages more thoughtful purchasing decisions regarding clothing. Adopting this lifestyle requires developing a long-term plan, as well as a considerable amount of restraint and resistance to enticing trends, especially for so-called fashion victims.

According to the Five Garments Rule, we wouldn't buy a colorful sweater or pants with shiny applications from "fast fashion" outlets, which might become completely outdated by the next season and unlikely to last until the next winter. Instead, we should opt for more timeless and universal clothing that won't go out of fashion in a few years and, importantly, will be more durable.

Those who have implemented the Five Garments Rule into their lives are more likely to repair their items at tailors, visit second-hand stores, or use clothing rental services. It's important to note that the rule isn't about limiting the purchase of any clothes but specifically new ones.

The Five Garments Rule: A Response to "Fast Fashion"?

  • The Five Garments Rule began to gain popularity towards the end of 2022 when the German think tank Hot or Cool Institute published its report titled "Unfit, Unfair, Unfashionable" on the challenges faced by sustainable fashion. The publication highlighted the significant role of consumers themselves.

  • The experts from Hot or Cool proposed buying a maximum of five garments a year. The result of such a lifestyle change is supposed to be a reduction in excessive consumption, which has been observed in the clothing industry for several years.

Reducing clothing purchases to just five new items a year might not seem too daunting a task nowadays. Many people are already looking for ways to cut their spending to only the most necessary items.

A new blouse or dress following the latest fashion trends is certainly not an essential product. By adhering to the Five Garments Rule, it becomes easy to forego such items, resulting in a streamlined wardrobe filled with clothes that one will actually wear regularly.

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