Woman Shares Controversial Trick for Decorating Christmas Trees

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.16 - 2023 11:10 AM CET

Photo: TikTok
Photo: TikTok
Woman Shares Controversial Trick for Decorating Christmas Trees.

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A woman suggests grouping Christmas baubles of varying sizes together with a pipe cleaner or flexible wire, claiming that "it looks much better" hanging from the branches.

According to Pensionist, a TikTok user from Florida posted an 11-second video titled "Ornament Hack For Your Christmas Tree". In the clip, the influencer with the username @sunshinethedoggo details the decorative trick and shows how it's usually done incorrectly​​.

Instead of hanging the baubles individually, the ornament trick involves tying them together in groups of four or five before placing them on the Christmas tree.

The video post (seen at the bottom of the article) begins with the words "Common Mistakes" and further writes: "Don't hang your Christmas baubles like this," followed by an image of a single shiny bauble hanging from a tree​​.

She further describes, "Do this instead: Group several ornaments on a piece of pipe cleaner," and continues as the decorator pulls the baubles together to form a cluster​​.

The woman places the largest bauble in the center with smaller baubles on each side, incorporating white, silver, and gold tones. Then, she secures the cluster by tying the pipe cleaner at the top before placing it on a tree branch, claiming that "it looks so much better"​​.

The finished product appears to create a fuller look on the Christmas tree​​.

Her distinctive technique has sparked interest among her TikTok followers. Several viewers flocked to praise the woman for sharing the trick.

One person praised the idea, commenting, "That's genius!". Another agreed, writing, "Very smart idea," while a third said, "I'll try this! It looks beautiful." However, others were less impressed and preferred a traditional method of tree decoration. One simply wrote, "No thanks"​​.

Another explained, "My tree is full of memories. Ornaments from vacations or special occasions. It's not about aesthetics"​​.