ALDI Faces Customer Backlash Over Bread with Unusual Smell

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.01 - 2023 2:38 PM CET

ALDI Faces Customer Backlash Over Bread with Unusual Smell.

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ALDI shoppers are raising alarms on social media about a peculiar issue with the supermarket's Viva White Sandwich Bread.

Numerous customers have reported a distinct "chemical" or "acetone" smell from the bread, with some even describing its taste as similar to "soap."

The issue first came to light when a mother, a regular buyer of the Viva high fibre bread for her sons, shared her concern on the Aldi Mums Facebook page.

She noticed that the bread had a chemical smell and her sons reported it tasted like soap. This post quickly garnered attention, with many other shoppers echoing similar experiences.

Several customers recounted their own encounters with the bread, noting its overpowering chemical scent despite being within its expiry date.

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Many were compelled to discard the bread due to the strong and off-putting smell. Some speculated whether the smell originated from the bread's packaging or an excess of yeast used in the bread-making process.

The issue has led to a wave of dissatisfaction among ALDI's customers, with some vowing not to purchase the bread again. Others shared their observations of the bread developing a yeasty or vinegar-like smell only a few days after purchase.

ALDI encourages customers with feedback on any of its products to reach out directly through its help center for investigation.

The supermarket assures that unsatisfied customers can return products to their stores for a full refund or replacement. This incident highlights the importance of quality control and customer feedback in the retail food industry.

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