ALDI's Interview Process Raises Eyebrows with Fitness Test

Written by Henrik Rothen

Dec.05 - 2023 2:54 PM CET

ALDI's Interview Process Raises Eyebrows with Fitness Test

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In a recent development that has sparked widespread debate, ALDI's job interview process now includes a fitness test, as revealed in a post by a perplexed woman on an ALDI Facebook group.

This unconventional method, involving physical exercises like push-ups, sit-ups, and star jumps during a Zoom call, has left many questioning its appropriateness and relevance.

According to Kids Spot Australia, the incident came to light when a woman inquired on the Facebook group whether this fitness assessment was a standard part of ALDI's recruitment process or an isolated case of an overenthusiastic manager.

The response from the public was varied and intense. Some ALDI employees expressed their unfamiliarity with such a practice in their own interview experiences. Others reacted with discomfort, labeling the request as "creepy" and inappropriate, especially for a job that predominantly involves sitting tasks.

A significant portion of the feedback suggested that if a fitness test is indeed a requirement for employment at ALDI, it should be conducted in a more professional setting, like a medical center.

This would ensure proper supervision and assessment by qualified personnel, addressing concerns about the interviewer's ability to accurately evaluate physical fitness through a virtual platform.

However, not all comments were critical of the practice. Several individuals confirmed its legitimacy, explaining that the Zoom call typically involves a physiotherapist who assesses the candidate's ability to perform specific job duties and checks for any pre-existing injuries.

This is seen as a precautionary measure to prevent future compensation claims. An ALDI employee shared their experience of undergoing a similar assessment, initially finding it odd but later recognizing its necessity for ensuring the physical competence required for the job.

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