Belarus Claims to Have Repelled an Aerial Attack from Lithuania

Written by Henrik Rothen

Apr.25 - 2024 1:14 PM CET

Belarus Reports Intercepting a Drone Attack from Lithuania.

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Belarus has successfully intercepted what it claims was a drone attack aimed at its capital, Minsk, originating from neighboring Lithuania, according to reports from Russian state media, TASS, and corroborated by Reuters.

The incident, unfolding on Thursday, has ratcheted up tensions in a region already brimming with geopolitical strife.

Swift Response to Aerial Threat

"The State Security Committee, alongside other law enforcement bodies, has taken swift and effective action to avert an aerial assault by combat drones," Belarusian security chief Ivan Tertel was quoted by RIA news agency.

The operation was described as a series of acute security maneuvers that ensured the safety of strategic locations in Minsk and its surrounding areas.

Lithuania Denies Involvement

Despite the severe allegations, Lithuania's Defense Forces remain steadfast in their stance, denying any involvement in hostile activities.

"Lithuania has not committed and is not committing any aggressive acts towards other countries," stated a representative from the Lithuanian military.

As of now, NATO has not issued a statement regarding the incident.

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