Biden Calls Putin a 'Brutal Tyrant' in Fiery Speech

Written by Henrik Rothen

May.26 - 2024 10:58 AM CET

Photo: Consolidated News Photos /
Photo: Consolidated News Photos /
Biden denounces Putin as a "brutal tyrant" in a powerful speech.

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US President Joe Biden didn't mince words when discussing Russian President Vladimir Putin during his address to graduates at the US Military Academy at West Point.

Labeling Putin as a "brutal tyrant," Biden reaffirmed the United States' steadfast support for Ukraine in its ongoing conflict with Russia.

A Clear Stand with Ukraine

In his speech, Biden emphasized that the US will continue to supply arms and train Ukrainian forces, asserting,

"There are no American soldiers in the war in Ukraine. I'm determined to keep it that way."

His message was clear: while the US avoids direct military involvement, its support for Ukraine remains unwavering.

"We are standing strong with Ukraine and we will stand with them. We're standing against a man whom I've known well for many years, a brutal tyrant. We may not, we will not walk away," Biden declared, highlighting his personal and long-standing knowledge of Putin's tactics and character.

NATO's Strength Surprises Putin

Biden also touched on NATO's unity, stating that Putin had expected the alliance to fracture.

"Putin was certain that NATO would fracture," he said.

Recalling a conversation from their 2021 meeting in Geneva, Biden mentioned he had warned Putin that pursuing Ukraine's neutrality—referred to as "Finlandization"—would lead to the "NATOization" of Europe instead.

"Today the greatest defense alliance in the history of the world is stronger than ever," Biden proclaimed, underscoring the bolstered solidarity within NATO in response to Russia's actions.

The Message from West Point

Biden's address to the cadets at West Point wasn't just a graduation speech but a broader statement of the US's foreign policy stance and commitment to its allies.

By calling out Putin and affirming support for Ukraine, Biden reinforced the US's position on the global stage, signaling that the struggle in Ukraine is a pivotal point for international stability and democratic values.

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