Boris Johnson warns Trump

Written by Henrik Rothen

Sep.16 - 2023 8:01 AM CET

Boris Johnson warns Trump

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Former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who was in office when Russia invaded Ukraine, has been a vocal supporter of Ukraine's cause.

Even after stepping down from his role, Johnson has continued to advocate for sustained and comprehensive Western support for Ukraine.

Johnson's primary concern is directed towards the Republican politicians in the United States.

He fears that a Republican win in the 2024 U.S. presidential election could diminish Western support for Ukraine. Johnson has now made a public appeal to Donald Trump, the expected top Republican candidate and former U.S. President.

Writing in the Spectator, Johnson emphasizes that support for Ukraine not only needs to continue but should also increase.

Johnson's warning to Trump

Johnson goes further to issue a direct warning to Trump, stating that a Russian victory in Ukraine would be catastrophic for any future Trump administration.

"A win for Putin would be disastrous for the Western world and for an American government. I don't think it's a scenario any American President could survive, especially one who wants to 'Make America Great Again'," Johnson writes.

Donald Trump has hinted that he might withdraw U.S. military support for Ukraine if he regains power.

He has criticized the Western decision to supply tanks to the Ukrainian army, stating, "First come the tanks, then come the nuclear weapons."

Johnson's warning comes at a critical time when Western policy towards Ukraine is under scrutiny.

His message is clear: the West must stand firm in its principles and support for democracy, especially in the face of Russian aggression. Johnson argues that a Ukrainian victory would send a strong message that the Western world still cares about democracy and is willing to stand up for its principles.

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