British Intelligence: Russian Fleet's Camouflage Attempts Fail

Written by Camilla Jessen

Mar.20 - 2024 1:05 PM CET

The Russian Federation disguises its planes and ships, but unsuccessfully, according to British intelligence.

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Russia is attempting to improve the camouflage of its ships and aircraft to counteract the significant losses its Black Sea Fleet and Aerospace Forces have sustained over the past two years.

This information comes from the British Ministry of Defense's intelligence review, which also shared a satellite image depicting the outline of a Russian submarine and its silhouette in the port of Novorossiysk.

Despite these cloaking efforts, Russian aircraft remain susceptible to conventional mid-air attacks, and ships continue to be vulnerable during operations in the Black Sea.

Analysts suggest, "The use of masking techniques is unlikely to substantially reduce losses."

The report reveals that Russian air bases employ decoys, including mock-up airplanes and tires on aircraft wings, for camouflage. Intelligence data indicates painted silhouettes of aircraft gliders at nine Russian airbases.

Ships in the Black Sea Fleet are painted with black on the bow and stern, presumably to make the warships appear visually smaller and less conspicuous to enemy strikes.

Additionally, the Russians are drawing silhouettes of ships at berths, likely to confuse Ukrainian UAV operators.

Previously, British intelligence reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense had been compelled to intensify efforts to safeguard its Black Sea Fleet as Ukraine continues to explore opportunities for long-range strikes.

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