Canada Pledges Over $1 Billion to Boost Ukraine's War Efforts

Written by Camilla Jessen

Apr.17 - 2024 8:07 AM CET

Photo: Kevin D Jeffrey /
Photo: Kevin D Jeffrey /
Canada will allocate $1.2 billion for military aid to Ukraine.

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Canada has announced a substantial commitment of 1.6 billion Canadian dollars (approximately 1.2 billion US dollars) to provide both lethal and non-lethal military aid to Ukraine, as reported by Ukrinform.

This funding, detailed in the recently submitted draft state budget to the Canadian parliament, spans five years starting from the 2024-2025 fiscal year.

Strategic Support for Ukraine

The purpose of this funding is to offer "predictability to Ukraine and the Canadian defense industry." This strategic support is part of Canada's ongoing commitment to assist Ukraine since the conflict began in February 2022.

To date, Canada has pledged over 4 billion Canadian dollars (about 3 billion US dollars) in military aid to Ukraine, contributing to a total support package exceeding 14 billion Canadian dollars (more than 10.7 billion US dollars).

In addition to financial aid, Canada is also set to enhance Ukraine's defense capabilities by providing 450 SkyRanger multi-purpose unmanned aerial vehicles. The transfer of these advanced drones is scheduled to begin this summer.

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